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CPR & Emergency
First Aid Training

Why Train?

CPR and First Aid Training can save lives and/or significantly impact the effect serious emergencies have on your employees and their families. Prompt treatment and patient stabilization while awaiting an ambulance can significantly decrease both the severity of injuries and valuable time lost from the job.

A commitment to CPR and First Aid courses is an investment in employees who are in turn more committed to an employer who has become an ally in their well being. Just one life saved or one emergency handled capably by trained staff will highlight this corporate commitment.

Who Needs to Train?

Whether to fulfill a need within a community, medical facility, business, or for personal training, our course programs provide the skills and first aid knowledge necesary to guide you when helping someone in need. Our programs can be tailored to and have been used by:

  • Large and Small Businesses and Industries
  • Government Agencies
  • Security Personnel
  • Medical Professionals
  • Adult Residential Care and Nursing Home Personnel
  • School Bus Drivers
  • Child Care Workers
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Babysitters
  • Scouts
  • Personal Trainers or Fitness Personnel

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We at LifeLine Consultants, Inc. are committed to providing you with CPR and First Aid training that meets your specific needs. Please contact us for a personalized consultation:



About Us



Lenora Kenney-Clark

Lenora Kenney-Clark has over 30 years of experience in providing CPR and Emergency First Aid Training, since 1986. She is accredited with the American Safety & Health Institute (AHSI) as a professionally trained safety and health educator and trainer. She has been instrumental in incorporating First Aid and CPR training and certification into her local community organizations, as well as her several corporate clients. 


Activities & Affiliations

The American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) – provides nationally-recognized training programs across the USA and several foreign countries. ASHI's mission is to continually improve safety and health education by promoting high standards for members, principles of sound research for curriculum development, and the professional development of safely and health instructors worldwide.
American Heart Association (AHA) - Courses are in accordance with the standards and guidelines for training.